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Patient Congress


The following are a list of frequently asked questions for Patient Advocate Foundation's Annual Patient Congress event:

Who should attend this conference?

This conference is open to the public and we encourage those interested in healthcare access issues for patients to attend. The majority of those who attend do have some connection to healthcare whether they are an advocate, nurse, medical professional, patient counselor, care giver, patient and/or survivor.

What is the Congressional Briefing?

The Congressional briefing is a training session designed to educate attendees on three healthcare initiatives that are being considered by members of Congress. Staff members from Congressional offices come to educate our attendees on each bill and discuss its status in Congress. This information is reinforced by Christopher Kush, CEO of SoapBox Consulting, who then teaches the attendees how to have an effective visit with their Congressional offices.

Which congressional leaders will I meet? Why do you need my home address upon registration?

PAF works with SoapBox Consulting prior to the event to try to set appointments with the offices of each attendees Senators (2) and House of Representatives (1) members. These visits are set for each attendee based on the attendee's home residence. There are meetings arranged with the offices of both Senators of each attendee as well as the member of the House of Representatives that represents the attendee's home district.

What is the Educational Expo?

Our Educational Expo exhibitors are health care organizations - mostly non-profit or government agencies whose missions center on advocacy and supplying consumers and patients with information on accessing a full spectrum of resources, including disease specific materials, research updates, and disease management resources. During the expo, attendees will have the opportunity to meet all exhibitors, have questions answered, and pick up various educational materials.

Is transportation to and from Patient Congress events provided?

There is bus transportation that is provided from the Washington Court Hotel to Capitol Hill and other Patient Congress events. A personalized meeting schedule is provided to each attendee at registration that outlines his/her meetings on Capitol Hill.

How should I dress for Patient Congress?

Please keep in mind that all attendees will be meeting with their congressional leaders regarding important healthcare issues. Although our leaders interact with everyday people on a daily basis, they will be inclined to address our healthcare concerns more professionally if attendees dress appropriately and respectfully. Therefore, it is advised to wear business attire during the congressional meetings. This can include suits, pressed slacks, button down collared shirts, blouses and dresses yet comfortable shoes. Cocktail dress and/or suits are welcomed at the Dinner Gala. It is strongly advised not to wear denim, flip flops, tennis shoes, shorts, tank tops, and halter tops as they can distract from our important healthcare message.

What are the latest travel requirements?

Here are a few tips from the TSA to keep in mind when traveling to Patient Congress:
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